The bar you look at in the Café La Crème is a unique piece of furniture that was once a reception desk for the glorious Parisian hotel named after the original name for Paris, LUTETIA.

The hotel was one of the most distinguished hotels in Paris, and it was built in 1910 on the left bank of the Seine. In those days and still today all of the luxury hotels in Paris have been situated on the right bank of the river, however the Hotel was situated next to the world renowned Bon Marche a shopping center which boasted Maison’s of the following shops Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many other luxury brands. The Hotel was built by the owners of the Bon Marche with the same attention to detail and love of fashion and art put into the Bon Marche.

Even whilst going against the trend of luxury hotels, The Hotel Lutetia has played an important historical role, in the past 100 years it has been both in the forefront of society for art and culture and then at the forefront of society through times of hardship. This International leader has attracted many celebrities and influential people of the time including Pablo Picasso, Charles de Gaul, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and James Joyce even wrote part of Ulysses in the hotel. Everybody who meant something would have stayed or visited Lutetia and as such have been served from the reception desk in our Café you now enjoy as the bar.

Sadly, this unique place was not just touched by famous people and positive emotions. In 1939 the Second World War began, numerous refugees fled to Paris to escape and the Lutetia Hotel attempted to accommodate as many as possible. Due to its reputation the hotel was filled with a number of displaced artists and musicians. In 1940 the Germans entered Paris and many of the hotels tenants were captured. The Hotel was then requisitioned by the German army to house the base of German counter espionage and used to house, feed and entertain the officers in command of the occupation.

When Paris was liberated in 1944 the Lutetia Hotel then served a role as a repatriation center for refugees and returnees from the German concentration camps.

We are proud to carry on the unique history of the Lutetia Hotel with its emotions and legacy. In our hotel guests can enjoy more of these extraordinary pieces of furniture. Other unique pieces include the former Lutetia Hotel concierge desk which now serves as our current reception, A Lutetia suite fully furnished with authentic Lutetia furnishings, and we also own the fabled Lutetia wine collection which we can boast is among the best and most unique in Prague.

The pieces were acquired by our owners at a private auction prior to the complete reconstruction of the Lutetia Hotel by its new owners.



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